Tarp Center

FEI, Inc. is an authorized dealer of AGRI-COVER® Roll Tarp Systems, electric hopper conversions, tarp replacements, and wireless control kits. We offer sales, service, and installation to the agriculture, construction, and automotive industries.

We offer full tender mounting service, including:
  • Tender mounting
  • PTO installation
  • Frame stretching
  • Hopper extensions
  • Roll tarp installation
  • Work on all semi-trailers with conveyors
FEI is easily accessible right off I-94 (exit 292) in Valley City, ND. Give us a call today.


Nick Elliott
Equipment Coordinator and Sales

Previous Installations

FEI offers the complete line of AGRI-COVER® Roll Tarps as well as installation and setup of the following AGRI-COVER® systems.

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The affordable solution for grain carts, trucks, and semis, the ROLTEC® system features a 2” galvanized steel roll tube and 10” deep end caps. Adjust tension with the heavy duty 21 spline u-joint crank. Upgrade to an optional electric kit for even more ease of use.


A great value for most farming applications, EZ-LOC® comes with a 2” aluminum roll tube that has an integrated rope channel design. This design provides equal tension down the length of the tube, and it creates less wear and tear on the tarp. Front bungee cord comes standard. EZ-LOC® is easily upgradable to an electric option.


The SRT-2® is the premium system for grain carts and farm boxes, and the spring loaded spool design works with you, not against you. Featuring a 3” aluminum roll tube with stainless steel cables creating a guide and hold down system that offers continuous tension, this system makes opening and closing in windy conditions safe and easy. All parts and hardware can be upgraded to stainless steel for use in fertilizer applications. An electric option is also available.


The ideal electric tarp system for semis and grain trailers, the AUTOLOCK® features a 3” aluminum roll tube that offers greater rigidity to span the length of longer trailers. The Unique Dual Drive™ system features a 2,400 lb. synthetic cable and drive line tension spring at the front and rear of the trailer. The cables and springs on both ends provide an equal tension to power over heaped loads even in windy conditions. The AUTOLOCK® comes with a high output motor, stainless steel pivot arm, and telescoping motor mount, anchored by an HD mount for stability.

ROLTEC Electric Hopper Openers

ROLTEC™ Hopper Openers are made with stainless steel parts for maximum protection from road salt and gravel for years of trouble-free use. It is designed to work with 1” round drive shafts, but shafts can be adapted to 1” round.