Dalton Ag Products

Located in the community of Lenox, Iowa, Dalton Ag understands the demand for increased production and efficient use of fertilizer required by sustainable farming operations. That is why Dalton Ag offers a full line-up of fertilizer application equipment. Since 1996, the company has added to its product line to help our customers with production and application challenges such as reducing maintenance, increasing speeds, and application on rough terrain.

Dalton Ag manufactures high performance fertilizer application equipment including; dry fertilizer spreaders, liquid nitrogen applicators, anhydrous ammonia toolbars, running gears, nurse trailers, and row units.


DW Series Toolbars

  • 60″ of rank (72” on 6×6 bars) provides superior residue flow
  • Heavy 6″x 4″ Rectangular Tubing (Optional 6″x 6″ Square Tubing)
  • Structural layout allows flexibility for multiple mounting configurations from 15″ to 36″
  • 24 degrees of down flex to allow even penetration in the most uneven environments

Liquid Applicators

DLQHD Brochure

  • Heavy Duty Press Wheel Drive Assembly
  • Pump Options - Single Piston, Dual Piston and Hydraulic pumps available
  • Tank Sizes - up to 1600 Gallon Tanks Available
  • 5" x 7" Structural Steel Frame and Tongue
  • Dual rank bar allows flexibility for multiple mounting configurations
  • Wheel Spacing 120" fixed
  • Heavy Duty Spindles; 10-Bolt Hubs
  • Double 4" x 6" Structural Steel Front Mounted Applicator Bar
  • Hydraulic Folding Wings
  • Large 46" Lug Tires with 10-Bolt Wheels
  • Adjustable Dual Clevis Hitch; 4" x 4" Parking Jack

WNDT Series NH3 Tank Trailers 

WNDT-GN Brochure

  • Frame made of 6 x 4 Rectangular Tube
  • Tank mounting bracket made of reinforced Heavy Channel
  • Cross Axle Tube made of 6 x 4 x 3/8 Rectangular Tube
  • Tandem Walking Rear Axle (also available with Single Rear Axle)
  • Expanded Metal Deck
  • Tread Plate Steps
  • 8-Bolt Hubs and Spindles
  • Helper Lift on Tongue

WN Series NH3 Tank Trailers

WN Brochure

  • Fifth wheel type reach pole trailer
  • Available with adjustable or non-adjustable axle
  • 15″ full contact fifth-wheel plate
  • 13′ turning radius; 17″ axle clearance
  • 6 – leaf spring – 4000#

M Series Trailers



  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Universal pump mount
  • Various wheel and tire options
  • 24-month warranty


    • M1010
    • M1315
    • M1610
    • M1370