2018 Best Propane Equipment Company List

2018 Best Propane Equipment, Tanks, Water Heaters, Grills, EVAC, Fittings, Regulators and Valves

  • Pacific Propane Gas Association Joins Opposition CoalitionPacific Propane Gas Association Joins Opposition Coalition The PPGA has joined a large coalition in opposition to Washington Initiative 1631.Specifications (PDF)
  • FEI Propane Dispenser Tank Leg KitFEI Propane Dispenser Tank Leg Kit Simplify your pump and motor dispensing with a stand alone high leg kit. Sold exclusively by FEI, Inc.Specifications (PDF)
  • Manchester TankManchester Tank Forklift Cylinder Safety Notice on 33.5 pound aluminum forklift cylinders manufactured from 1992 through 1993.Specifications (PDF)
  • Red Seal Measurement - News FlashRed Seal Measurement - News Flash Neptune 4D-MD LPG Dispenser Meter EnhancementsSpecifications (PDF)
  • Marshall Excelsior Dielectric RegulatorsMarshall Excelsior Dielectric Regulators Excela-flo Sentinel Series Dielectric Second Stage Domestic RegulatorsSpecifications (PDF)
  • Quality Steel CorporationQuality Steel Corporation FEI, Inc. is a distributor of Quality Steel Corporation tanks.Specifications (PDF)
  • Qrave Grill By BroilmasterQrave Grill By Broilmaster The most versatile and durable cooker know to man. Qrave delivers the goods all in one grill with indirect slow cooking, steaming, smoking and grilling. Made in the USA.Specifications (PDF)
  • Chuck Wagon Mobile GrillChuck Wagon Mobile Grill FEI, Inc. now carries Chuck Wagon Mobile Grilling Systems, perfect for work or play. Park-&-Grill in under 2 minutes!Specifications (PDF)
  • Marshall Excelsior Domestic RegulatorsMarshall Excelsior Domestic Regulators Marshall Excelsior is a name that customers can rely on for high quality products and services.Specifications (PDF)
  • Chicago Fittings Corporation X-RiserChicago Fittings Corporation X-Riser FEI, Inc. now carries the X-Riser from Chicago Fittings Corporation.Specifications (PDF)
  • Navien Condensing Tankless Water HeatersNavien Condensing Tankless Water Heaters Navien is the first and only system that incorporates a built-in insulated buffer tank and recirculation pump. This water heater is the industry's top rated unit for energy efficiency and will provide you with an endless supply of hot water on demand.Model: NNPE240ANG / NNPE240ALP Specifications (PDF)
  • VENTUR-EVACVENTUR-EVAC The VENTUR-EVAC is designed for evacuating propane tanks with ease.Specifications (PDF)