2018 Best Fertilizer Equipment

Fertilizer Equipment, Transfer Systems, Trailers, Tanks, Toolbars, Spreaders, Tenders and Parts

  • Enduraplas Fire Control SprayersEnduraplas Fire Control Sprayers Enduraplas is your trusted resource for superior liquid management equipment when and where you need it!Specifications (PDF)
  • Squibb-Taylor Anhydrous Ammonia Riser ValvesSquibb-Taylor Anhydrous Ammonia Riser Valves Possible incorrect usage of valves.Specifications (PDF)
  • TeeJet Dicamba Application UpdatesTeeJet Dicamba Application Updates TeeJet spray tips approved for the applicaton of Engenia herbicide.Specifications (PDF)
  • Parker Industrial Hose Blowout SaleParker Industrial Hose Blowout Sale Blowout sale pricing on Parker 1-1/4" nylon NH3 hose! Custom lengths are also available.Specifications (PDF)
  • Innoquest Thermal Inversion TesterInnoquest Thermal Inversion Tester Detects low level thermal inversions and air temperature at boom height as required for pesticide and herbicide application.Specifications (PDF)
  • AgXcel GX40 SynergistAgXcel GX40 Synergist The AgXcel Synergist system is designed for Nano volume application of NH3 at a rate of 32 oz/acre. The Synergist allows for very low rates of chemical application with precise accuracy. The system has been engineered to distribute this flow evenly and accurately.Specifications (PDF)
  • Quic 'n Easy Receiver Hitch from United Truck PartsQuic 'n Easy Receiver Hitch from United Truck Parts This easy to use towbar features an 18,000 lb. carrying weight with an 1,800 lb. tongue weight. It has convenient release handles, extends 7", swings 12", and the spring assembly offers cushioned towing when starting and stopping. Specifications (PDF)
  • GreenLeaf IncorporatedGreenLeaf Incorporated GreenLeaf Incorporated is a family owned expert design manufacturer of fluid flow solutions, producing valves, couplings, and fittings with superior quality and competitive pricing.Specifications (PDF)
  • Dura-ABS Auto-Batch SystemDura-ABS Auto-Batch System The industry's only transfer system offering an automated dispensing option.Specifications (PDF)
  • Hiniker Nitro-LertHiniker Nitro-Lert Anhydrous Ammonia Knife MonitorSpecifications (PDF)
  • Timpte 40' Trailer Featuring the EZ-VEYORTimpte 40' Trailer Featuring the EZ-VEYOR The FEI, Inc. Exclusive EZ-VEYOR can unload 26 tons of seed or fertilizer in minutes. Specifications (PDF)
  • Replacement Stainless Steel Tube ConveyorReplacement Stainless Steel Tube Conveyor Stainless Steel Tube Conveyor for Willmar and Doyle Rear Auger 16 Ton TendersSpecifications (PDF)
  • Enduratanks By EnduraplasEnduratanks By Enduraplas The Enduratank is manufactured with maximum value for money in mind and is widely renowned as the highest quality poly tank on the market today. Enduraplas poly tanks will never rust or corrode providing you with years of reliable service. Enduraplas has a full line of tanks available. Give us a call for full details!Specifications (PDF)
  • Mobility 10 Ton Dry Fertilizer SpreaderMobility 10 Ton Dry Fertilizer Spreader The Mobility 10 ton spreader has a durable hopper constructed of 409 stainless steel. It has 44" of ground clearance under the spinners and 37" under the frame.Specifications (PDF)
  • Mobility 12 Ton Lime and Fertilizer Combination SpreaderMobility 12 Ton Lime and Fertilizer Combination Spreader Stainless steel spreader with 80' spread pattern and 66 x 4300R25 tires.Model: C400 Specifications (PDF)